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After many years of running marathons and struggling with keeping my weight under control, I wanted a change. I had lost a lot of weight over the years but had continued to yo-yo up and down the scale. I turned to Sean Vander Veer at SVV Nutrition to get more educated on nutrition and how it affects my training and performance. Sean helped reinforce some of the good habits that I had already knew and gave me new knowledge about calorie intake and portions. He helped me build a daily eating plan that would support the training I was doing as I prepared to run the Chicago Marathon in October. As my training increased, so did my calorie intake. I learned the foods that helped me recover from the harder workouts, so I would be ready for the next one. He gave me ideas on how to fuel up to be properly prepared for each workout and ultimately the race.

On race day, all of this nutritional knowledge and my training came together perfectly. I felt great throughout the whole 26.2 miles and was able to actually pick up my pace over the last two miles where everyone else was running out of energy. The end result was a new personal best marathon time of 3:08:44, which also qualifies me to run in the 2018 Boston Marathon. Sean’s nutrition guidance paired perfectly with my training and got me to a result that I am very pleased with. I will be able to use what I learned going forward in my future training cycles, which I am sure will lead to more outstanding results.

Scott Flicker Marathon Runner January 6, 2018

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Restless nights, fatigue throughout the day, unhealthy eating habits, quick fixes, yes I experienced it all. I said to myself, “hey, I’m only 23 years old, there is no way I should be as tired throughout the day.” At that point, I knew I needed to increase my daily activity level and adjust my eating habits. So, I decided to search for a gym; one that was small in size and offered nutritional advise. In February of 2017, I ended my search when I found SVV Nutrition.

At the beginning of my fitness journey, pushups were one of my weaknesses in the gym. The program provided by SVV Nutrition allowed my upper body strength to improve tremendously. Although, I still dislike doing pushups, I am able to do pushups better than I had before. I’ve also experienced an increase in my energy level throughout the day. I am no longer fatigue or restless. The increase in my energy level and restful nights are attributable to the physical health of my body, which is in part due to my increase in physical activity as well as my healthy eating habits.
The amount of knowledge I have gain in this short period of time is amazing. Thanks to Sean I am now able to confidently choose healthier food options. I’ve learn that there aren’t really any bad food options, but there are more healthier foods than others. Additionally, I’ve learn that it’s important to control portion sizes to aid in healthy weight loss or gain. In my case it’s weight loss.

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ChaRon Weight Management January 6, 2018

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Working with Sean was one of the best decisions I could have made with my health and fitness goals! His holistic and individualized approach to health and nutrition not only educated me on what to eat more or less of, but helped me change my mentality around nutrition and fitness. That shift along with some helpful tools for accountability, has helped me stick with my health and fitness goals long after working with him. Thanks to his help, I have lost 15lbs with an increase in lean muscle mass that I have been able to maintain on a consistent basis. His willingness to come alongside and help you reach your goals for all the right reasons can be hard to come by and I would recommend anyone I know to give Sean a call if you want lasting change in your health and fitness.


Rachel Denlinger Weight Management January 6, 2018

"When I met Sean, I was an endurance athlete struggling to optimize my macro nutrients balance (carbs/protein/fat) to fit my dietary preferences and my training and race goals. My dietary preferences put me outside the mainstream guidance for an endurance athlete. I was not able to finish my marathons strong and was experiencing intense muscle cramps after mile 16. Sean was confident he could work with my dietary preferences and still improve my athletic performance. He quickly identified the culprits in my diet and gave me alternatives that not only fit the macro nutrient balance I wanted but also made me excited about eating my meals. He encouraged me to cook more but the meals he gave me did not require chef expertise. Sean was responsive to the changes my running coach was making to my training and adjusted the nutrition plan accordingly to meet both my goals and my coach’s goals. I saw results of the nutrition changes in my training immediately and was pleasantly surprised also to see my weight lower to where it had been several years earlier. I didn’t think the muscle cramps were a nutrition issue but Sean was able to find supplements that I could add to my fuel pack that made the cramps lessen significantly. I’ve been running faster, stronger, and lighter than ever. My coach feels confident in the changes that she has seen as well: she is raising the bar on my race goals! Sean renewed my hope that I could continue to improve as an aging athlete even with unusual dietary preferences."

JP Antona Safety Harbor February 16, 2018

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