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I grew up in Michigan and spent 23 years on the west side of the state in and around Holland, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo. I received my first degree from Western Michigan University in Business & Marketingand soon found myself working for an information technology distribution company based out of Clearwater, FL (Yes, I moved to sunny Florida after school). After 6 years of sales and account management I decided it was time to hit the books and dive into health and wellness. It was time to chase after my dream of working with people when it comes to improving their performance in their sport, changing their body composition profile or just leading a better quality of life. It was time to go back to school and immerse myself in the science of nutrition.

I am currently a Registered Dietitian and also a Certified Personal Trainer. I spent time at IMG Academy in Bradenton working with and athletes about healthy ways to fuel and feed their bodies during sport and the school year. I’ve also spent time as a diabetes prevention dietitian at Palmetto Baptist in Columbia, South Carolina where I fell in love with helping those get their lives on track when it came to preventing and REVERSING the complications associated with diabetes.

I’ve seen the regression across the country. People are trying harder than ever to get healthy. Most are listening to the advice of ‘experts’ in the field but still….no success. I took a deep dive into the research and discovered some amazing news! All is not lost!

This is my past, present, and future all combining to help me interact with those who want to change their trajectory when it comes to their health and performance. My philosophy is centered around the hundreds of books & journal articles I’ve read and numerous presentations I’ve watched on the topic. I believe that food is our medicine. We can play a very important part in our own healthcare if we make the effort to choose to eat food that is nourishing to our bodies. I believe staying healthy doesn’t depend on high-priced groceries, it’s not achieved from the latest diet fad. The key to health follows 4 simple rules:

  • Obtaining the right amount of Amino Acids (Protein)
  • Eating essential fatty acids (Fat)
  • Consuming the necessary micronutrients needed for metabolism (vitamins and minerals)
  • Providing your body with the enough energy, either through fat or carbohydrates (macronutrients)

I’ve helped hundreds of clients lose weight (and keep it off), reduce or get rid of 90% of their medications (talk about putting money back into the bank), and have helped those athletes or weekend warriors perform better in the sport of their choice.

I offer private nutrition counseling at my office,in home counseling (at your home), health and fitness plans, meal plans, fitness assessments, and a host of other services.

More importantly I want to THANK YOU for getting to this point in my “about me” page. Stay a while and check out some of my recipes or sign up to receive The Vander Veer Report where I provide a weekly dose of no nonsense nutrition information, tips for improving your body composition andperformance on the field along with a few of my favorite recipes that week.

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