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Perfectly Grilled Steak

Perfectly Grilled Steak

Lots of people have trouble when it comes to grilling a steak.  Everyone worries about how long to cook the steak and at what temperatures.  Follow these few instructions to get the steak cooked to a perfect medium rare consistency.  In my opinion the best way to consume beef.

Room Temperature.  Always, Always, Always bring the steaks to room temperature before tossing them on the grill.  Most of us take the steaks from the fridge straight to the grill.  This is the easiest way to sabotage that wonderful piece of meat you paid a nice ransom for.  This usually requires 30 minutes for steaks that have been thawed and been sitting in the refrigerator.

Heat your grill.  This should be done 5-10 minutes after you remove the steaks from your fridge.  If your living in conditions where its below freezing, allow an extra 5-10 minutes for heating.

Clean and oil the grill surface.  After your grill has been pre-heating for 5-10 minutes its time to ready the surface.  This step is usually forgotten.  Simply scrape down the grates once heated and then apply an oil to a rag and wipe the grates.  I use refined coconut oil as it is able to stand up to high heat. 

HIGH HEAT.  After you’ve prepared the surface of the grill its time to crank the heat.  Get your grill as hot as it can or to the point where you can only hold your hand above the fire at a distance of 1-2 inches for less than 1 second.  The key is turning off 1 burner or 1 side of the grill once you’ve reached this point.  This allows for a neutral or cooling zone in case a couple of your steaks get crispy due to the hot spot on a grill.

Feel your meat.  Touch, touch, touch your food!  This is important to help you determine the doneness of your steak.  The room temperature meat in your kitchen should feel squishy.  When I first started cooking meat on the grill I used the finger test to learn the doneness of my meat.  This method will turn you into the steak grill master you’ve always wanted to become.

  1. Raw = palm of hand relax feel
    touching palm of hand to test doneness of meat
  2. Welldone = Pinky + Thumb together
    touching palm of hand to test for doneness of meat
  3. Medium = Ring finger + Thumb together
    test for doneness of meat
  4. Medium Rare = Middle finger + Thumb together
    test for doneness of meat
  5. Rare = Index finger + Thumb together

    et it and forget it (for a few minutes).  Once the grill is at HIGH HEAT simply place your seasoned (salt and pepper only please) steaks on the grate and let them cook until they release from the grill themselves.  This is usually 5-8 minutes depending on thickness of the steak.  Once the steaks release, flip and begin to use the finger test method to test for desired doneness.

    Thick Cuts.  For thicker cuts, use a thermometer. For steaks cut at least 1 1/2 inches thick, you can use a meat thermometer and get an accurate reading. For rare, remove steaks at 120F – 125F; medium rare 125F – 130F; medium 130F – 135F.

    Thin Cuts.
     For thinner steaks and when your getting used to the finger test method, use a timer.  It’s near high impossible to get an accurate temperature read on steaks thinner and 1 1/2 inches thick. Use a timer instead. For 1-inch thick steaks cook them 4 minutes each side over high heat for medium rare; 3 minutes for quite rare; 5 minutes for medium.

    Let thy steak rest!
     This is perhaps the most important step that most people don’t do. Let the steaks sit for 5 to 10 minutes before serving or cutting them. This gives the juices a chance to redistribute throughout the steak, which both helps it finish cooking evenly and keeps the meat moister and more flavorful.


By: Sean

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