Weight Management & Education

One-on-one nutrition counseling in office, or virtually, via Skype or phone.

This program is designed to run through concepts that will help you achieve your weight goals. The pace of the program is determined during our initial consultation. The weight management and education program is for anyone that needs guidance and assistance when it comes to realizing their weight goals. Conventional nutrition education isn’t working for a reason. Partner with SVV Nutrition where we will uncover the truth to health and weight management (loss or gain). Not only will you see a change on the scale but you will see improvements in your blood panel tests ranging from your lipid panel (LDL/HDL/Triglycerides) to your blood glucose.

How it works…

Initial Visit: At your first visit, you’ll meet with me for 1-hour. During this time, you will share important information about your diet, lifestyle, schedule, and nutrition and health goals. You will leave your initial visit with a plan that clearly outlines the initial steps to reach your nutrition and health goals, as well as a timeline for follow up visits.

Follow up appointments…

Follow up visits are vital to the success of the program. SVV Nutrition offers versatility when it comes to these appointments. They can take place at the office, over the phone, your residence, or somewhere else in the community. We understand everyone leads a busy life and my goal is to make it as easy as possible for you. The follow up visits will allow us to assess the past week or two, move forward with new concepts ranging from reading food labels to uncovering the relationship between hormones and your weight.

Personalized Health Plan…

The degree of personalized attention that each of my clients’ needs/wants varies. For this reason, I offer a variety of customized service options. Partnering with SVV Nutrition provides you with your own personal dietitian throughout the program. Unlimited contact via email and text to ensure all questions are answered even after the meeting concludes!

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