Nutrition Counseling for Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes can often leave you with a lot of questions:

  • What exactly is diabetes?
  • How can control it?
  • Do I have to take medication?
  • What can I eat?

Here are some examples of the goals of past diabetic clients:

  • I want to get off medications
  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to avoid complications of diabetes such as decreased kidney function, blurry vision, neuropathy, or amputation by keeping my sugar within the normal range

At SVV Nutrition

I will guide you in making lifestyle changes to help manage your blood sugar levels and work with you to make small, life-long changes to improve your health over time.

You will learn about proteins, carbohydrates, and fats and how each of these foods affects your blood sugar. You will receive tips on meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation for diabetes management. If you need help learning how to monitor your blood sugar, I will be able to show you how to properly use a glucometer. The standard approach to diabetes care isn’t working and was setup to keep those diagnosed on medication for life. Together we will REVERSE the symptoms! Lose the weight, and reduce the need to rely on medication. I have 18 years and counting of personal experience with this disease and want to help those improve their quality of life.

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