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At SVV Nutrition, my goal is to help you shift from the “diet” mentality to the “food as health” mentality.  You will learn how to put all the pieces of the food puzzle together.  I will coach and support you throughout the entire process.  No matter if you are training for a triathlon, a high school athlete struggling with disordered eating or just getting started on your journey to a healthier you.  I will help you get there from start to finish!  This all starts with meeting me in person or over the phone during our initial consultation.

All clients receive a free 15 to 30-minute consultation.  This is a meeting to get to know you and your needs on a personal level.  The information I gather during this session will be used to help me recommend which programs and services may fit you best.

During this session we’ll work together to:

•  Get a clear vision of your nutrition and training related goals, wants and needs
•  Set SMART goals• Discover hidden challenges that may be standing in your way
•  Discuss any nutrition programs and/or fitness programs you have tried in the past
•  Discuss how we can help you reach your goals easily with programs and services we offer
•  Help you feel confident and in charge of your future health and map out a plan to get you there!

I love getting to know my clients on a personal level before I start getting down to the details. This helps me really understand what you have been through and how I can customize what you need to ensure your success in looking, performing and feeling better!

**Please note that in order to secure your appointment time I require your credit card information.  SVV Nutrition will not charge your card for the appointment booked.  Failure to show for the appointment, would result in a $25 service charge.

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